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 for knowledge hungry seekers

Here is the controversial 31 Pages capsulated literature on Spiritualism - by Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra  This is a forbidden site only for private circulation or viewing. Meanwhile, researchers, analyzers, reviewers, critics or seekers may use this Brhmaand Pujan site for religious or rational projects or similar studies. But no content from here should be reused, reprinted, recorded , voiced or visualized in any form or modes for religious professional gains, controversies purposes or other wise. However, highly rigid religious trespassers who jump upon this site by ignorance or intentions should immediately leave this site as the contents of the same might hurt their emotional up bringings.


Reminding you again, this free site is only for knowledge hungry logical intellectuals who still seek & surrender to GOD or RELIGION of logics and never get convinced, confused or amused by mass hysteria of superstitions & myths but still believes in actual Science of God & Spiritualism.


Before reading this capsulated book of mere 31 pages, the readers are suggested to visit the reviews & news of some prominent  Indian News Papers on


Howsoever, reading this book in between pages or lines would entirely mislead a reader. So to feel & experiment the book spiritually or scientifically read every word one after another understanding the exact meaning and content of each sentence. The book can be of worth to genuine God seekers or geniuses and useles to professional religious caretakers, rigid seekers if they be any religious saint, seer, priest, care taker or scientist from any cult. Everyone of those may or may not be benefited by this book regardless to their regions , religions, science or professions.


Though this book here is in the form of all photo copies of the original Hindi Book BRHMAAND PUJAN which was published & registered in the year 1999 by Cosmolatary Spiritual Enlightments , But the book was soon withdrawn from the sale & shelves due to the self reasons best known to the author.


However, acquainting you here Brhmaand Pujan book was written by the controversial author Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra from India. According to the reviewers, till date, in history of any religions or rational literatures no such book in the world by the name of BRHMAAND PUJAN is ever produced or published.


Meanwhile, translations, reviews, researches of critics in any or all prominent global languages are invited on  . But no hate mails or debate would be answered on this email or anywhere. For the same you can have your own blogs or platforms.


However, time to time wise critics’ reviews or news in any languages may be posted on related project at site -  


Seekers of this book may copy the pictures of the printed pages on their  PC or CD and magnify the same for further readings. Sometime the pages/pix take time to load. We regret for such inconveniencies caused by the blurred pictures pages prints on this website. But, even knowledge hungry readers shall admit that -to find genuine hidden treasures or God is hopelessly difficult so may be the same for this book too, which already stay absolutely hidden or unapproachable from/to common masses. And because this is a non professional site only to benefit  knowledge hungry readers and seekers so don't expect we can help you more.


Whereas it may be agreed or argued that- true knowledge of wisdoms stay aloof and self secured without feeling insecurity to clinch fortune fame & wealth on religious professionalism fronts. Because true treasures or wisdoms do not fade away with time , tide or money . All such materialistic wishes could be bought, sold, swapped, swayed exposed but true knowledge of wisdoms if need arises , spread  region less / religion less not like rapid fire but to ‘time show slow’.  Genuine  spiritualism may never root or route itself to selfish professional religious gains.


‘Everything can be but God is not a commodity so should be spared at last. Such are the author's beliefs. Spiritualism for the Globe should stay absolutely free regardless from regions and religions and be shared selflessly at no cost by religious professional and caretakers’ according to the author - Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra.


Below seekers could give a try to read and understand  what Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra  has to say in his unique / novel book – Brhmand Pujan .


Just copy and save the below book pages- pix on your PC or CD clicking on the mouse right- Thereafter magnify them and read one by one.

Copyright of Brhmaand Pujan

Brhmaand Pujan Book
Cover Page of Brhmaand Pujan

Back Cover Page of Brhmaand Pujan

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Second & Third Page

Fourth & Fifth Page

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Page 31 - THE END


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